Our kitchens work hard for us; we cook, clean, eat, work and socialise here, so it’s important to make the most out of every inch of available space.

Smart storage and space-saving solutions, like an integrated kitchen bin for a 600mm cabinet or additional shelves can be invaluable when it comes to ensuring your kitchen stays organised, clean and looking great.

Discover some of the best ways to save space and maximise your kitchen storage.

In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Bins that are integrated into cupboards are great ways to free up floor space and ensure you are maximising every available area in your kitchen.

In-cupboard bins are available for cabinets with hinged and pull-out doors, slotting neatly into the empty cupboard space and remaining discreetly tucked away, providing the added bonus of hiding your waste.

You can also take this opportunity to get a bin with multiple compartments to make sorting rubbish and recycling more convenient.

Using Hooks for On-Wall Storage

Running out of room in your utensils or pots and pans drawers? Make use of that empty wall real-estate by installing hooks or rails that can be used to hang surplus pots or extra cooking utensils.

This can also function as a purposeful design feature, giving you a chance to display matching sets or decorative pieces to give that cosy cottage kitchen feel while remaining wonderfully functional.

Make the Most of Your Shelves

Your windowsills often go unutilised but make excellent, if not immediately obvious, storage options; they are the perfect spot for small pots, cookbooks and even plant pots that make an impromptu herb garden.

Installing shelves above windows (if you have space between the ceiling) is another good way to make the most out of both vertical and horizontal wall space. Small shelves that slot between cabinets are great for storing cookbooks and displaying favourite mugs, again combining aesthetics with function.

Image Source: Unsplash

Bar Carts

If you don’t have room for a kitchen island, a bar cart or butcher’s block on wheels can make a great alternative.

These compact units provide both a place to store things, often having several useful compartments built within them, and function as a surface where you can prepare food or store items like fruit bowls or cake stands.

Utilise the Top of Cabinets

That additional space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling is only going to waste! So why not store the things you don’t often use in these high up places? This is a great spot for things you might not reach for often – like seasonal items or specialist cookware.

The same goes for the top of your fridge, which is a great location for Tupperware boxes and cake tins when they’re not in use.

With these great space-saving ideas, you’re sure to achieve the sleek, modern kitchen of your dreams in no time!