Your bedroom is one place in the home that is designed for relaxation. Your warm cozy bed awaits you at the end of every day.

We associate bedrooms with a space to wind down and rest, but what can you do to increase the relaxation?

Dedicating the space to feeling zen doesn’t take long, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to marvel at just how welcoming the space has become.


Decluttering might seem like a buzzword in interior design and home decoration, but it’s an essential step.

When we are surrounded by mess and piles of clothing it weighs heavy on our mind. Studies show that physical mess impacts our mental health and ability to relax (NewsGP). So before you add anything to the room, tidy up and take some things away.


Plenty of natural lighting is ideal for the daytime. Natural light works wonders for our mood.

But when it comes to artificial lighting, it is essential that we skip fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is harsh on our eyes, and the tone isn’t relaxing.

The jury is still out on if you should be using colored lights, like blue or green. Some studies suggest that reds and oranges are better because they mimic the sunset, which is a natural indicator of our bodies’ time to sleep.

Soft downlighting or a warm-toned bulb is perfect in the bedroom. Salt lamps glow a soft orange, combine with the trendy sunset lamps available for a very relaxing vibe.


When was the last time you changed your mattress? What about your bed frame? The bed is arguably the most critical element for a relaxing bedroom.

You need a mattress that will support how you sleep; Divans Beds Centre makes it easy to find your perfect mattress and bed base with their vast selection. Upgrading or updating your bed will reduce backache, neck pain and give you the best night’s sleep.

Fresh Air

Bedrooms can quickly become a little musty, so it is essential that you crack that window open and air it out regularly.

If you want to sleep with the window open, but are worried about unwanted moths and mosquitos, add an insect net to the opening.

Another way to boost the freshness and even clean your air is by adding some plants.

Are you looking for the best plants to clean your air?

  • Snake Plant, AKA Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue, is easy to look after, doesn’t require much watering, and releases oxygen at night.
  • Spider Plants are perfect for beginners and are non-toxic to animals. Each of the tiny spiders that grow can be repotted too.

  • Aloe Vera has multiple uses and is very easy to care for. They work best in a sunny place, but careful because the edges of the leaves can be spikey.

  • Pothos thrive almost anywhere, but they prefer a brighter spot. Pothos is also really pretty, and hanging plants add personality to any room.


Adding plants in is an excellent start for bringing the outside into the home, but you can add some more natural materials and art to your bedroom.

We aren’t all blessed with a home in the country or a room with a view. So getting creative can solve that problem. Take a look around your room at what you have – are there some swaps you can make from plastics and metals to woods and stone?

There’s no need to buy anything new, but keep it in mind when it’s time to refresh. Create your own beautiful wall gallery with wooden frames, and fill them with pressed flowers, seascape, and other green art.

Mobile Phone

Using your mobile phone for soothing sounds and meditation apps can help you relax at night.

Yet, it is vital to put your mobile phone out of reach and take away the temptation to scroll on social media before you try to sleep. The screen’s blue light keeps us awake much longer than we need to be by engaging our brains. Where possible, ditch the tech before you sleep.

Those six essential elements can help you to get your best night’s sleep ever!