The front door of your home is an essential part of its curb appeal and is your first chance to make a great impression on anyone visiting the property. Potential buyers often skip a visit to a particular property just because they are not impressed with the curb appeal and the unwelcoming exterior of the house.

According to architecture and home renovation experts, one of the easiest ways to boost the curb appeal of your home is by making a statement with the front door. Front doors can be quite symbolic and often set the tone for the rest of the property. They can either welcome people or keep them out.


Wrought iron doors are a popular choice for front entry doors as well as any patio, backyard, and side entrance doors. Their unique take on combining metal frames and intricate  glass panels adds a touch of class and luxury to the entire property that you can’t get with most doors.

The best thing about iron doors is that they are not very expensive and made with a sturdy material that can last for years with proper care and maintenance. While they are prone to rust and degradation over the years, they fare much better against the elements of nature and common wear and tear compared to wooden doors.

Here are some easy and effective care and maintenance tips for your custom wrought iron doors to ensure their longevity:

Cleaning the Door

The first step to keeping wrought iron doors in shape is cleaning them. Over time, dust, debris, and other environmental factors cover the doors and can have a negative impact on the structural integrity of the material. By keeping them clean, you will ensure that the material does not deteriorate quickly and reduce the risk of rust.

However, you should only use a specialcleaning  spray that’sspecifically designed for iron doors. This will not only ensure proper cleaning of the door but will also protect it from long-term damage.

Keep It Dry

The biggest risk for iron doors is that they are prone to rust as they age. Everyone knows that the biggest cause of rusting is excess moisture. Therefore, it is obvious that you need to protect your iron doors from water and keep them as dry as possible. This means avoid using water to clean them, take care of any leftover moisture and water after rainy weather, and drying them with a soft cloth after it has been exposed to rain or any other source of moisture.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Tools

One of the biggest mistakes people make when caring for their wrought iron doors is using harsh chemicals and detergents to clean them. This will only expedite the rusting process and can even compromise the material causing it to become weak and get damaged easily. Even products used for window cleaning and polishing can have an adverse reaction when they come into contact with the metal and cause it to stain and reduce the integrity of the material. Only use recommended cleaning products and a mild fabric to wipe clean your iron doors every couple of weeks.

Take the Location into Account

When it comes to iron doors, the area you live in plays a huge part in how to care for and clean them. People living near the coast or in areas that get excessive rainfall need to take extra precautions when cleaning and maintaining their iron doors to ensure their longevity and preserve their beauty year-round. People living in humid areas should clean their iron doors at least once a month and consult experts regarding the proper oiling of the hinges.

Inspect Is for Rust and Damage Frequently

The final step of an effective maintenance plan is checking your wrought iron doors for any rust, corrosion, damage, and peeling paint once a month. While iron doors last longer than various other types of front door material, they deteriorate faster if the initial rusting is not detected and dealt with immediately. By inspecting the wrought iron doors every month, you can identify any rusting and fix it before it spread and compromises the entire door structure.

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