Have you been thinking about having a water feature put in your yard? This is an attractive piece of landscaping that you’re sure to love. There are so many options from which you can choose so it’s a good idea to keep some tips in mind as you decide which type of feature you’d like for your property.

Self-Contained Water Features

When you have a water feature that is self-contained, you likely are not going to need to have a water supply for it. You’ll just have to top it up every once in a while. If it’s a feature that has moving water, you probably will need to have a supply of electricity for the pump. A solar-powered feature makes it possible to avoid this.

How They Work

Most water features work in relatively the same way. It contains a reservoir of water, known as a sump, and this is attached to a pump that moves the water up a pipe. Gravity makes this water go back to the reservoir. This is the case regardless of whether it’s surrounded by granite, a sculpture, or stainless steel.

Cleaning Your Water Feature

Keep in mind that you’ll need to clean this fixture out often. This is because the water tends to get slimy, particularly in the winter. Make sure that you’re aware of how to drain the feature, dismantle it, and clear out the sump.

Additional Maintenance

When you’re deciding where you’d like your water feature to go, consider factors that will increase or decrease the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do. If this is beneath a tree you’ll probably end up having a large number of leaves in it. This leads to having to do a great deal of maintenance especially at certain times of the year.

Pleasing Sounds

You’ll want to know that the sound emitted from your water feature is something that you like and that it won’t get annoying. Find out beforehand what types of sounds different features make, whether the stream of water will be too high volume or too little, and make sure that you explain this to the contractor you’re working with.

Lighting Options

It can be a good idea to light the water. Some of the features have a built-in light with them. This is something that will be beautiful all throughout the year, and especially nice if it’s in clear view from your windows.

Modern Water Features vs. Traditional

It’s a general rule that modern water features will work with modern or traditional garden styles. However, the traditional, older types of fixtures like millstones and cherubs don’t typically look all that great with a more modern garden setup.

Talk to an Expert About Your Options

It’s always good to discuss your vision with a professional landscaper such as those at Eco Minded Solutions. When looking for a garden water feature or some other type of landscaping, trust in the specialists who will know what to do with your outdoor space.