Do you own or manage a restaurant or other type of commercial kitchen? If you are in this type of business, then you know how important it is to practice safety in the workplace. Kitchen safety is a vital part of running a restaurant for many reasons. Managers have to ensure that not only is the food safe, but the workers preparing it are also practicing safety measures. There are a few key aspects to commercial kitchen safety.

Make it Mobile

Most people who work in a kitchen know how important it is to be able to access certain machinery. Large, heavy equipment is commonly found in commercial foodservice operations. To be able to move these items from one end of the workspace to the other requires items like casters and wheels. By putting equipment on wheels, you make it easier to maneuver which is important for tasks such as cleaning the floor at the end of a shift.

Get Some Mats

Kitchen floors tend to be wet, oily, and slippery. Cooks and other kitchen workers spend most of their workday on their feet. Luckily there are mats available that help prevent slips and also aid in relieving foot fatigue. These anti-slip, anti-fatigue mats are usually made of a flexible material like rubber and can easily be moved at the end of the night for easy clean-up.

Order Some Shoes

Help your hard-working kitchen employees enjoy personal safety with non-slip safety shoes. Many business owners can get discounts from shoe manufacturers when they make orders in bulk. Non-slip sole shoes really do help prevent falls that ordinary shoes wouldn’t. The pattern on the outsole of these shoes helps grip a wet floor when a worker needs to move around quickly. These shoes come in any color and style imaginable, and can also offer comfort to your employees too.

Install Handwashing Sinks

Safety in the kitchen starts with cleanliness. When you’re preparing food in a commercial setting, it’s imperative that the food is clean and served without unwanted pathogens. If your kitchen is quite sizeable, then it’s important to install designated handwashing sinks in a few different areas. Each different preparation station should have its own sink. Having multiple sinks helps prevent accidents that can result from something like cross-contamination.

Running a kitchen can be a lot of work. When you do so safely, you will notice your days go by more smoothly and with fewer issues.