Homeowners desire a comfortable lifestyle for their families. Even with the winter season approaching fast, they do anything to attain their comfort levels. To enjoy the cold season, homes must be kept warm throughout each day. That said, they must ensure energy efficiency and protect their homes against low temperatures. Below are ways homeowners can protect their homes against winter.

Seal around All Windows

Spaces around the windows lead to heat loss, and the house becomes cold. As the winter approaches, homeowners should hire experienced contractors to seal around all windows. They should correctly caulk each window. This way, the heating bill decreases, and this allows for cost efficiency. Thus, they pay low energy costs despite the cold weather.

Upgrade Home Appliances

Old and outdated appliances such as gas furnaces can affect energy efficiency. They can also fail regularly, causing inconveniences and losses due to frequent repairs. Therefore, homeowners should replace old appliances by purchasing new ones. Thus, they enjoy warmth during the cold weather and still pay low energy bills.

Add Insulation

A terracotta siding has insulating properties. Homeowners should consider adding this siding as winter approaches. It insulates houses and ensures that they are warm during the cold months. They can also add insulators on the floors to conserve the needed heat during winter. It’s also a must to insulate attics and crawl spaces. Homeowners can opt for spray foam insulation Michigan to fill every nooks and crannies of their house. Though most older homes lack insulation, it’s easy to add it to avoid discomforts during the cold months.

Consider Under-Foot Drafts

Small spaces underneath doors allow energy loss. However, when they are correctly sealed, lots of energy retains inside the house. Using draft snakes to seal the spaces below the doors helps homeowners to get warmth during winter. This is especially important for doors located on the exterior of the house.

Minimize the Water Heater Temperature

Water heaters using maximum temperature consume lots of energy, especially during winter. Most family members feel that it’s cold and require a hot shower. However, homeowners can minimize the water heater’s temperature to a favorable one. This way, it consumes less energy, and water bills are lower, thus saving money.

Clear Roof Gutters

Gutters drain water from the roof. During winter, ice build-up on the gutters trapping water and debris. If a storm occurs, there could be water overflow that can have a negative impact. Cleaning roof gutters ensures that there’s good drainage all around the house. Hence, the house will retain the heat because the roof is clear.

Ensure Home Temperature is Above 65 Degrees

Though keeping the temperature low saves money, it could cause freezing and expansion of pipes. Keeping home temperature above 65 degrees ensures that the pipes don’t break. Homeowners should use insulation kits to cover all faucets outside their homes. They can also install leak detection systems that keep them alert if any leakages occur.

Conduct a Home Energy Inspection

Carrying out a home energy audit alone without the skills required can’t produce accurate results. Therefore, homeowners should hire experts to assess their home energy before winter begins. This way, they can notice any issues that could affect their home during the cold weather. Thus, they take care of the little problems and ensure their homes remain warm despite winter freezing temperatures.

Incorporate a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners should ensure that temperatures are lower at night to save on energy costs. By installing a programmable thermostat, they can monitor the temperatures at home. If the temperatures are too low, they can cause freezing of pipes which causes losses. Therefore, they keep homeowners alert about the temperatures. Thus, they know when to increase or decrease their home temperature.

Consider Changing the Ceiling Fan Direction

A ceiling fan can produce warm or cool air in the house. If it rotates clockwise, it allows for warm air in the room. However, if it rotates anticlockwise, it produces cooler air. Therefore, homeowners should consider changing the direction of the ceiling fans in each room. Despite the cold weather outside, their families and loved ones enjoy warm weather in the entire house.

If homes aren’t kept warm during winter, it can have adverse effects. Therefore, homeowners should consider the above tips to protect their families from diseases and discomforts during the cold weather. If they don’t have the skills, they can hire professional contractors to help them in home improvement.