Would you like to freshen up your lawn and let it shine well again? Excellent! Then you are exactly right here! In this article, we are going to explain everything about scarifying you. Why it matters how and when you properly scarify your lawn and how to get the best results. You will quickly get a green and healthy lawn with my five simple steps and to learn more about lawn visit sites like Earth Development amongst others. Here we go!

Scarifying – What Is It?

Scarifying is a vital maintenance technique that keeps your lawn in good shape. Scarifying removes the so-called layer of felt, consisting of Moss, weeds, and dead organic material, and spreads over your lawn over time. This layer of felt takes up space on your lawn and is suffocating. So think of scarifying as vertical mowing that gives your lawn the space it needs to develop and thrive.

Why Do I Have To Scarify?

Your lawn needs space to grow vitally. By space, we mean the space between the blades of grass, which is essential for carrying water, absorbing nutrients, and allowing air to circulate. Moss and weeds are more dominant genera, which is why they can quickly take up space and displace your lawn, exceptionally if the lawn is not cared for properly.

A lawnmower can only remove Moss and weeds superficially; the felt layer remains after mowing. So, your grass cannot spread horizontally; there is no dense sward, and your lawn looks spotty. Scarifying is, therefore, an essential part of your lawn renovation. The felt layer of Moss and weeds is removed mechanically. Your lawn can soon develop again and grow back densely with the proper care.

What Do You Need For Scarifying?

In principle, you can remove Moss and weeds by hand, but this quickly becomes tedious with a larger area. Therefore, a scarifier is ideal for removing the layer of felt on your lawn. Depending on the size of your garden, different models are suitable.

For a lawn area of ​​up to 150 square meters, scarifying rakes or small scarifiers are ideal. You can safely remove unwanted Moss and weeds and let your lawn breathe again with little effort.

Larger, electric, or motorized scarifiers are suitable for a larger area. From 500 square meters, petrol-powered scarifiers are worthwhile because then you don’t have to align the cable when scarifying constantly. In many machines, the cable is often simply too short.

When and how often should I scarify for the best results?

There are different answers to “When is scarifying most effective.” Because of time, scarifying depends on the season, time of day, and interaction with other lawn care done by professional like Earth Development amongst others, such as fertilizer.