The furniture industry is booming more than ever and is expected to progressively grow further in the upcoming years, with furniture – that can be assembled at home – constituting a significant part of this industry. Furthermore, companies like IKEA have successfully managed to secure mass production and retail of ready-to-assemble furniture. So, whether you are setting up a new home or just refreshing it with some new furniture, ready-to-assemble furniture is one of the most popular products you will consider acquiring.


Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture or flat-pack furniture is a purchased set of separate pieces of materials designed to be joined together, by the customer, to produce a piece of furniture for the end-user. Such sets are always accompanied by an instruction manual that lists the sequence of steps of assembly, along with related pictures and labels for all pieces.

Assemble-by-yourself furniture can be segmented into several sections. First, it can be considered in terms of product type – residential, office, or other purposes (like shops, hotels, etc.). It can also be differentiated in terms of material – wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. Finally, ready-to-assemble furniture is divided between online and offline markets. Hence, one can see the wide range of availability and functionality of such furniture, especially for home environments where individualization is at play.

Advantages of Assembling Furniture at Home

The reasons behind the ongoing popularity rise of ready-to-assemble furniture are the advantages it has over ready-to-use (RTU) furniture. The major reason is that the former is much more cost-effective than the latter. You can buy multiple pieces of furniture, regardless of the wide variety of functionality, and pay less than you would have paid for the direct-use pieces.

This first advantage is affected by the second advantage of the RTA furniture – easier and faster transportation of such products for both the manufacturer and the customer. However, the customer specifically is at greater ease when purchasing, as you can either load your car with the flat packs that will not take up too much space or – when purchasing online – the delivery will be much faster and easier to move into your home.

Basic Preparatory Steps for Assembling Furniture

Although the ready-to-assemble furniture is praised for its wide-range availability, ease, and high functionality, it can be quite challenging to assemble it and needs some strategic planning before and throughout the assembly. One of the most obvious steps is to prepare the tools you will need for the assembly.

The next steps require you to figure out where you want to place your piece of furniture so that you can assemble it right there to avoid having to move it much afterward. That way you won’t be scratching any floors or walls while moving. Additionally, you will be able to measure your assigned space and check it with your furniture piece. Also, when opening up boxes and getting the assembly pieces out, you have to do it carefully and slowly to not drop anything as they are of various sizes. You would also greatly benefit from laying all pieces in order after unpacking them. This especially helps with tiny fixings that are easy to lose if not ordered.

After you prepare both your tools and the arranged pieces and fixings, you should carefully go over the instructions for the first time. Doing so sets a full picture in your head ahead of assembly. Then, as you assemble go slowly and patiently through each step. Rushing through the steps is prone to committing mistakes that cannot be undone.

Furniture Assembly Service in Vancouver

Assembling furniture on your own can be a difficult task, which can be outsourced to professionals to ensure that it is done right. Quick Services allows individuals to find experienced and reliable professionals to assemble their new furniture. Quick offers an extensive network of professionals around the Vancouver area that can help you with any of your needs relating to furniture assembling or other handyman services. The professionals on Quick go through a thorough vetting process, which ensures that you receive only the best service. If you are moving to a new home and are in the process of setting up your space or are looking for a revamp, Quick can help you achieve that efficiently for a great price.

Why You Should Choose Quick to Assemble your Furniture

Looking for someone to come to your home and assemble furniture for you can be an anxiety-inducing experience. It can be difficult to find someone who, you can be sure, is well-equipped for the job and is reliable to come to your house. Quick does a great job of offering a one-stop shop for all your handyman needs. You can be sure that you can find trustworthy people on the platform, who are perfectly qualified for the type of service you are looking for. Moreover, the process of booking service is straightforward and simple. You can visit Quick’s official website for your furniture assembly needs, book an appointment, and pay within a few minutes.

Quick services ensure that the professionals on the platform offer a certain level of quality with their services. Quick also makes it extremely easy for you to book an appointment with a professional via their schedule tool on their website. You can pick the date and time that works best for you and have someone show up at your house without ever picking up the phone. Quick’s platform is extremely user-friendly and offers a very pleasing and convenient user experience.


How much time does assembly take?

The assembly process takes between 1-5 hours depending on the size and complexity of the furniture set. It also depends on the experience and skills of the person assembling. A professional will complete the task faster than the person doing it on their own.

What are the tools required for assembly?

The required set of tools required depends on the type of furniture you will be assembling. The general list of tools is as follows:

  • A level

  • A lightweight hammer

  • Allen key and hex key

  • Powered screwdriver

  • Impact driver

  • Rubber mallet

  • Hexagonal bit set

  • Touch up markers

  • Box cutter

  • Cordless drill

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Small claw hammer

Each set of furniture will require some or most of these tools. The instruction manual usually states what specific types of tools (e.g. Phillips or Frearson screwdrivers, etc.) are needed for the build.

What is the hardest type of furniture to assemble?

There is no definite answer, but what usually makes it harder is the bigger size, higher complexity, and greater number of pieces there are to be installed. Commonly, such description is found in furniture types such as cabinets, bed frames, bookcases, wardrobes, etc.


Buying ready-to-assemble furniture is cheaper, faster, and simpler in terms of purchasing. Many people choose to assemble it on their own, which is not a bad idea as it can be pretty easy in some cases and cheaper to do on your own. You just need to plan it through and have the tools ready. However, it can get more complicated and can have confusing instructions; it may need certain tools you do not own, and sometimes it may need higher strength and building skills. Sometimes, due to some lack of skills, accidents can happen and mistakes cannot be undone. Hence, when you feel that the task is too much and want an experienced professional to help you out, Quick can connect you with the perfect person for the job.

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