Securing your home with for example is essential to living in peace and avoiding the damage (material and financial) that a burglary or an attempted intrusion can cause. But for this to be possible, choosing effective and durable security solutions is important. What are the different options available to secure a home?

Install A PVC Front Door

Installing a PVC entrance door is one of the most effective solutions to protect your property and prevent intrusion. It is ideal for replacing old wood or aluminum carpentry.

Install Roller Shutters

Installing roller shutters at your openings is a good way to add a layer of security to your existing installations. It is enough that the configuration of your accommodation allows such an arrangement. Before choosing roller shutters, check their pressure resistance rating (PRI) to ensure they are sturdy. The lowest level is 10, and the highest is 150.  We advise you to choose equipment with an IRP of at least 80. This type of shutter is very difficult to lift or tear off. For more comfort, you can opt for electric shutters.

Securing Windows

Many burglars like to go through windows because they are often unsecured. To overcome this possibility in your home, you must choose among the different solutions to reinforce the security of these openings. For example, you can opt for lockable window handles. You can also reinforce the structure of your windows with perimeter steel reinforcements or anti-hinging devices to discourage break-in attempts.

Install An Alarm System

If you are looking for a solution like Security Solutions for Construction Sites to fight against burglars actively, then an alarm system is what you need. The device can detect any forcible entry attempt and issue an audible or silent alert. Siren alarm models have a very effective deterrent effect, as they instantly scare away the intrude. The models with silent alerts allow them to get hold of the burglar while he is committing his crime.

Invest In A CCTV System

Video surveillance is one of the most effective solutions for securing homes. It allows you to keep an eye on your home 24 hours a day and to act quickly if necessary. The most modern equipment is equipped with sensors that can detect a suspicious presence and alert the owner or carry out a predefined action (start recording, for example). So even if a thief manages to break into your home and get away with your belongings while you’re away, the recorded footage can help the police track him down. The device can be installed both inside and outside a house. You can camouflage it for better efficiency.