Every yard looks better with a little color, but not every homeowner knows the best plants to add to get that pop of life in their front yards. This task can be especially difficult in south Florida, where vegetation has to be able to withstand extremely hot temperatures in the summer, and lots of rain in the wet season. You might try searching “landscaping companies Boca Raton” or you might want to forge ahead on your own landscaping journey. Either way, it helps to know a few things about Florida plants and what will thrive in your garden.

Agricultural Zones

The United States Department of Agriculture divides the country into 10 different growing zones based on the heartiness needed of plants that are grown there. Florida is in zone 10, which means it requires extremely hearty plants that can stand up to high temperatures and long stints without natural water. It makes it a little more difficult to grow winter plants or vegetables, but much easier to grow tropical flowers such as orchids, which can be found in the wild in some parts of the state. If you’re perusing the flower department or a local nursery, be sure to check your plants information tag and see what zone it will thrive in.

Matching Your Style

When landscaping for your home, you want to make sure the plants you choose match the style of your home. For example, if you have a brightly colored cottage in the Keys, you might be able to get away with flamboyant hibiscus flowers or other plants that make a statement. If you’re living in a single family home in a neighborhood, though, you might opt for more greenery with a couple of flowering bushes to give you that pop of color during different seasons. You want to find the perfect balance between color, lushness, and size of your landscaping plant picks.

For Small Spaces

Florida real estate is a competitive market and most people end up with modest yards. Although you might not have space to fill with tons of flowers, there are a few great options for small yards such as society garlic, snowbush, Ann Marie lantana, Nora Grant ixora, or a hibiscus. All of these produce lovely, but subtle, colors and don’t take up too much of your green space.

Landscaping in Florida is a special task, but with the right knowledge and research you can craft a beautiful yard!