Doorbell cameras can help protect your home from unwanted visitors. Besides capturing video and audio, video doorbells can also be useful for communicating with visitors. 

They can also help deter porch pirates and provide surveillance footage. Read on to learn more about the benefits of doorbell cameras. You’ll be glad you did.

Video doorbells capture video and audio

Video doorbells are similar to security cameras, capturing video and audio during the day and night. They store footage locally on a microSD card or remotely on a cloud server. 

Some models also feature cellular or landline backup. The latter feature allows you to speak to a live person when the doorbell is pressed.

Video doorbells may be useful for criminal investigations. Video evidence can help you identify a perpetrator, especially if it was recorded in the first place. However, you should note that most video doorbells don’t provide local storage. 

To store footage locally, you’ll have to subscribe to a cloud service. The cost is usually $3 per month, and you get 30 days of video storage with that subscription. The cloud service also allows you to share videos with others.

They deter porch pirates

Doorbell cameras are one important tool in the battle against porch pirates. They can come in many shapes and sizes, and offer a variety of features. But their functionality is the same: they begin recording when a motion sensor is triggered, and when they detect activity, they send you a notification.

Doorbell cameras are a great way to catch porch pirates before they get into a package. Some even allow you to speak to the person on the other end of the line through the doorbell camera. These systems can even record the person’s facial features and help identify them if they attempt to steal a package.

They provide surveillance footage

Doorbell cameras can be a great way to help identify potential package thieves and help maintain the safety of your neighborhood. 

They also help law enforcement gather surveillance footage that can be helpful in pursuing other crimes. These cameras are not as expensive as some home security systems and are an inexpensive way to help protect your property.

The increased use of doorbell cameras has made the work of police departments more efficient. They can easily request surveillance footage from nearby doorbell owners. 

They can be used to communicate with visitors

Doorbell cameras are a great way to communicate with visitors, and some use an internet connection to function. Make sure you have Wi-Fi in your home. This way, you will receive notifications in real-time, even if you are not at home. If you have a weak signal, you may need to purchase a Wi-Fi network extender.

The main advantage of doorbell cameras is that they can give you live video footage of visitors. This means that you can speak with a visitor in real-time and give directions to the delivery person. These cameras also provide a safety measure for your home.

They can be installed quickly

Doorbell cameras are an easy way to keep an eye on your home. Most of them can be installed quickly, and many come with easy-to-follow installation instructions. 

You can install one and start using it as soon as possible. If you need to be away from home for an extended period of time, you can also subscribe to a doorbell service and get a live feed from the camera.

Video footage from the doorbell camera can be stored on a micro-SD card for local storage, or you can upload it to a cloud server for storage. Some doorbell cameras offer free storage, while others require you to pay a monthly fee. Many people prefer free storage.