Parasites are always on the hunt for three basic needs – food, water, and shelter – and they won’t hesitate to enter your home or business to find them. Their pursuit is relentless, which is why it is an excellent idea to protect you from pests at all times. When health concerns have reached an unprecedented high on a global scale, eliminating potential sources of attraction and access points is essential to prevent parasites and keep populations at bay. Parasites can compromise the places where you live and work as they carry diseases and can transmit them. So you must try to eliminate potential sources of attraction, and the more the better.

Normal seasonal wear and tear on exterior structures can lead to cracks, crevices, and openings in walls and damage to gaskets and screens, missing roof tiles, etc. Therefore, the first step in preventing pests is to perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your building. Look for potential access points in walls, around windows, on roofs, and around the structure’s foundation, being careful to seal them properly with pest-resistant materials.

Here are some other tips to prevent these unwanted intruders from taking over your home and invading your living space:

Interior and structure

  • Repair or replace any windows with damaged screens using weatherstripping or sealant.
  • Block openings under doors – especially under garage doors – due to worn door sills or mechanical damage.
  • Clean window sills to remove fungus growth and build-up of other organic matter.
  • Clear away clutter and debris at the base of the walls or foundation.
  • Examine the doors for any cracks or openings, and do not leave the doors open.
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors, including baseboards and corners.
  • Make sure garbage and recycling bins have a liner and tight-fitting lids. If possible, avoid placing them near front doors or under windows outside.


  • As the trees and shrubs grow, trim any tree branches or vegetation, so nothing touches your home or building.
  • Be careful when planting something that produces nuts, fruits, seeds, or has strong odors, as these plants can attract pests.
  • Clean out gutters and get rid of debris.
  • Check for any fallen tree branches or other vegetation debris that can provide refuge for pests.

Conclusion: If none of these tips work, it is recommended to contact pest control services in Austin if you live in Austin.