Homeowners who are in the process of selecting garage doors for their homes often find that it is a Herculean task. Many people get frustrated with the process and opt to select whatever doors fit their budget the best, and look reasonably appealing. Although cost and aesthetics are important variables to consider in the process of garage door selection, they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of variables to consider before a homeowner makes a final decision on garage doors for their home, here are a few of them.

The Voice of the Home

More often than not, design and the structure of the home is the determining factor in terms of how prominent the appearance of the garage actually is. The garage plays a major role in the curb appeal of homes because the garage is located in the front of most homes. This placement makes the garage the most prominent feature of the home. For homeowners who are in the process of deciding the type of garage doors to install, some thought should be devoted to the type of message the home needs to send. This is why the style of the home must be a determining factor in terms of the type of garage doors homeowners need to install.

The Types of Garage Doors to Choose From

The style choice is the name of the game when it comes to garage doors. There are a number of classifications of garage doors, however, there are six main types for people who are looking to replace or newly install a garage door to consider.

  • Sectional garage doors are found installed in more homes in the United States than any other type of garage door. These types of doors are paneled sections with hinged connections. The mechanism by which these types of doors open and close is a system of wheels located at the edges of each individual panel that glides into vertical tracts on both sides of the door. One of the main reasons these types of doors are so popular is because they are very low maintenance, and they are rugged because they are made from steel. These types of garage doorscan also be augmented to accommodate a number of styles and tastes. Homeowners can choose from a b=variety of colors and textures, hardware, and window inserts. These garage doors can also be purchased in both non-insulated and insulated models.
  • Carriage-House garage doorshave become very popular in the last few years because of the Farmhouse decor craze. The rustic look of these barn style doors complements mission or craftsman style homes easily. They also complement many other styles of homes. Carriage house garage doors can be purchased in metal as well as wood varieties. Stained versions of these types of doors are often found installed in stately homes, however, they can be installed in any home and can be painted to match any decor.
  • Wood composite garage doorsare seen as a good alternative to carriage house garage doors when the price is a determining factor. These types of doors are comparable in price to that of a steel or vinyl garage door. Wood composite garage doors are easy to paint and they are easy to maintain. These types of doors are extremely durable, so homeowners who are considering this type of door don’t have to worry about them warping, splitting, cracking, or swelling like real wood. People who are real stewards of the environment tend to like Wood composite garage doors because they are composed of recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly.

Choose a Company That Values its Customers

People need to be vigilant about doing their research when they select a company to install their garage doors. Homeowners need to make sure they select a company that is licensed and bonded. They need to also make sure they select a company that is reputable and has installed doors in their area they can actually take a drive to have a look at. A home is one of the biggest investments in a person’s life, so homeowners need to make sure they choose a garage door company that is ready, and willing to answer their questions and address any issues or concerns they have before they are hired to do an install.