Seasoning our food with a pinch of salt is something we frequently do. Whether we add it while we are cooking or at the end of the preparation -depending on the dish- this seasoning is part of our day-to-day. But do you know why we put salt in our food?

What Is The Effect Of Salt On Food?

Salt has been a well-known and widely used condiment since ancient times both for seasoning, enhancing the flavors of food, and preserving them because it prevents bacteria from developing and reproducing. Check ninja de-icer here

But maybe you have wondered what causes this effect of enhancing the flavors? Because salt is made up of sodium chloride, when it comes into contact with a liquid, in this case, our saliva, ions are released that give us the feeling that a food tastes good.

Another reason why salt improves food taste is that, according to specialists, this ingredient increases the juiciness of food and reduces its acidity. Therefore, when we add salt to food, it acquires a much more intense and richer flavor, which -is very attractive to our palates.

In addition, one of the advantages of salt is that it is such a versatile ingredient; you can enjoy its benefits in salty and sweet dishes; since its composition allows to intensify any of these flavors.

There are also cases where a particular type of salt was used, given its properties. An example is the use of kosher salt in kosher products, specifically to absorb the blood of the meat since certified kosher foods must follow the rules of Judaism.

Why Does Our Body Need Salt?

Despite so many myths about salt and the endless debate about its consumption, including it in the diet is essential for our body to function correctly because it is the primary source of sodium. It provides almost 90 percent of what our body needs.

Salt has vital functions in health, so it is not recommended by ninja de-icer to eliminate its consumption; the ideal is to add an adequate amount to your food to enhance its flavor.

Some Health Benefits Of Salt

  • Contributes to weight loss. Sea salt has properties that help produce gastric juices that help speed up the digestion process.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Sea salt helps fight different viruses such as flu, allergies, and other autoimmune disorders.
  • Improves cardiovascular health. Having a glass of water and a tablespoon of salt regulates cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and heartbeat, with which you can prevent strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular accidents.
  • In the same way, salt, in combination with other elements, such as water, has excellent tools for well-being.