Why should you plant perennials? When is the best time to plant a garden? What are the benefits to planting perennials? Here are some answers to these questions and more.

Plant plante vivace pour coin ombre in your garden. Perennials grow and bloom for one year only, but they continue to add to your garden year after year with little maintenance. A perennial plant can go unnoticed during the winter months when most annuals are gone, but a perennial plant will stay alive through the long cold winter months before the flowers come back in the spring.

Perennial plants are easy to care for. Unlike annuals, which have to be dug up and replanted each year, perennial plants stay put and don’t need replanting. Annuals also grow faster than perennials and can get clogged up in snow or other debris.

Even though perennials are relatively hardy plants, you still don’t want to over-water them. They can quickly become over-watered and need supplemental water or else they’ll die. You should water your perennial plants every two or three weeks during the hot, dry summer months.

Planting perennials supports your garden’s ecosystem. Certain plants need certain kinds of weather conditions in order to flourish, and some plants are only available where other types of weather are more common. perennials are a great choice because they’re available almost anywhere and they’re difficult to damage.

Plus, if you have several species of plants that require the same weather conditions you do, then you can plant all of them in your garden and spread them out so they’re ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to bring their way. This is a less expensive way to fertilize and care for your garden because you won’t have to replant again in the spring.

With the right care, perennials will live for several years. Some can even go up to 10 years without needing any additional attention. If you’re trying to decide whether you should grow a garden of perennials or not, you might be interested to know that some varieties of annuals can actually bloom for longer than ten years if they’re given special attention.

When you plant perennials in your garden, you’re taking control over your landscape and you’re making a statement as well. Plants that come up each year usually aren’t part of your average flower or vegetable garden, but they add a unique element to your outdoor living space. The best reason to plant perennials in your garden is because you never know when they’ll be needed next.